How to make picture file (JPEG or TIFF) from MS Word or ChemDraw page?

In order to create a picture file in JPEG or TIFF format from a page made in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, ChemDraw or any other application, the following steps can be taken:

1. Create a PostScript (PS) file

Do it exactly the same way as it is described in “How to create PDF file from Microsoft Word” tips: To produce PS file one should use Print command in MS Word choosing HP Laser Jet 4000 PS (or similar) pseudo-printer as the output printer and marking Print to File.  The following printer setting should be chosen to produce good results: In Properties/Advanced one should set Paper/Size to A4 ; In Graphic/Print Quality to 600 dpi; In Graphic the TrueType font should be set to Substitute with Device Font;  In Document Options/PostScript Output Option choose Optimized for Portability; and In Printer Features the EconoMode should be set to Highest Quality.

2. Convert PS file into JPG or TIF file

A good tool to convert a postscript file into JPG or TIFF format is GSview.  It can be run from Start/Programs/Ghostgun/GSview (this is the default location, at your computer the location of GSview may be different). Open the PS file in GSview (File/Open) and use File/Convert menu to perform the transformation between formats. Use Device: jpeg and Resolution: 600 to get good results.  GSview may also be used for transformation between a number of other different formats – look in the help menu for details.

3. Edit obtained JPG or TIF file

Adobe Photoshop is our tool-of-choice to edit the picture file obtained as the result of transformation between graphics formats. However, almost any graphics editor can be used to modify picture file in JPG and TIF formats. In Adobe Photoshop you most probably will need to do just selection of useful part of the picture, followed by Edit/Copy, then by File/New to open a new window and then by Edit/Paste into this window. The obtained picture is to be saved by File/Save a copy. Do not forget to chose JPG format in the pop-up menu!

4. Insert picture into MS Word

Insert the picture into Microsoft Word document by Insert/Picture/From File command.