How to create PDF file from Microsoft Word ?


There are two major ways of making PDF (Portable Document Format) files from the Microsoft Word files available for the people working at the Department of Bioorganic Chemistry, UU.

  • The first way is straight forward one-step procedure using Print command in MS Word choosing Adobe PDFWriter as a printer. It produces reasonable output if the following Adobe PDFWriter Properties are set up: In Page Setup one should set Page Size toA4, Graphic/Resolution to600 dpi; InCompression Options one should set Compress text and Line Art andASCII on and one should also mark Color/Grayscale Images Compress using JPEG High.
  • The second way is more elaborated and should be used only when the first one failed to produce desired results. It might happend if some special characters are used in the MS Word text. This procedure consists of two steps: 1) producing PS (Post Script) prn (print) file, and 2) converting PS file to PDF.

  • To produce PS file one should use Print command in MS Word choosing HP Laser Jet 4000 PS (or similar) pseudo-printer as the output printer and marking Print to File.  The following printer setting should be chosen to produce good results: In Properties/Advanced one should set Paper/Size to A4 ; In Graphic/Print Quality to 600 dpi; In Graphic the TrueType font should be set to Substitute with Device Font;  In Document Options/PostScript Output Option choose Optimized for Portability; and In Printer Features the EconoMode should be set to Highest Quality.

  • To convert PS file obtained to the PDF format one should use Adobe Distiller. Open the PS file in the Adobe Distiller and process it there using PrintOptimized settings (shown in Job Options).  Make sure that you have checked out what those settings are.  The recommended settings should be the following : In Settings/Job Options the ASCII format and Optimized PDF should be checked and Resolution is set to 1200 dpi; and in Compression everything should be set to be  not lower than 600 dpi.



    If there is not PS pseudo printer configured on your computer and you don't know how to add a Printer to your system - ask the System Administrator or those who knows to help you.