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NMR Spectroscopy

A 4 p Course within the Molecular Biotechnology Programme.
Given by the Department of Bioorganic Chemistry, Biomedical Centre, at Uppsala University.

Date and time for examinations
for the NMR Spectroscopy course in April-May 2000

Examination results from the NMR Spectroscopy course in April-May 1999

Information about the NMR Spectroscopy course.

General info about the contents of the course etc.
Schedule for the NMR course in April-May 2000 .

Lab Work. Lab user guides etc.


Project work or 'Examensarbete' at the Dep't of Bioorganic Chemistry

For those of you who have attended this 4 point NMR Spectroscopy course and are interested in learning more about NMR Spectroscopy and its use in the structure determination of nucleic acids, you are most welcome to contact us (see list of people below)todiscuss the possibilities of doing short or long projects ('examensarbete') with us.

If you are interested in doing your Ph.D. with us please contact us for further information and discussions

People to contact for more info.

How to reach us at the Department of Bioorganic Chemistry.
Address : Bioorganic Chemistry, Box 581, BMC, S-751 23 Uppsala, Sweden
Phone : 018-471 45 77
Fax : 018-55 44 95