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NMR Spectroscopy (4p), a four week course for fourth year students of the Molecular Biotechnology programme

General Information

The goal of this 7-week course in NMR Spectroscopy is to make the students familiar with the basic physics of NMR, the basics behind one- and multi-dimensional NMR as well as how NMR techniques can be used to determine the structure and conformation of biological macromolecules.

During the course we use both lectures and practical sessions to achieve these goals. In the lab-sessions we use our 600 MHz and our two 500 MHz NMR machines to acquire data and then we spend quite a lot of time on our Silicon Graphics workstations to analyze our NMR data.

We will also have 'tutorials' which would be something similar to a 'räknestuga'.
In the tutorial sessions you will be given materials for self-studies of 'problem-solving' type. You will for instance be given NMR spectra for assignment, there will also be problems of solving second-order spectra, etc. One of our teachers will be on hand to help you if necessary.

The lab-sessions include analysis of different kinds of 1D- and 2D-NMR spectra: How assignment can be simplified by combining DQF-COSY with NOESY spectra, how to extract H-H distance information from NOESY spectra, how to estimate torsional angles from experimental coupling constants etc.
At the end of the course we build a model of a DNA duplex using data derived from NMR spectroscopy (mainly NOE distance information).
In some lab sessions, we will not use spectrometers or computers at all: Instead we will work with paper (NMR spectra) and pencil only. We are obliged to do this since there are not enough spectrometers and computers available.

Students attending our NMR course should have passed the following courses: Organic Chemistry with Analytical Techniques, Methods in Biochemistry, Biomolecular Structure, Molecular and Statistical Mechanics, and Biophysical Chemistry.
Some knowledge of quantum mechanics is also quite useful.

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