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Department of Bioorganic Chemistry

'Synthesis of Nucleic Acids' reseach at the Department of Bioorganic Chemistry

General Information

The Dep't of Bioorganic Chemistry has for many years worked on the development of new protecting groups and phosphorilation techniques as well as sugar chemistry for the chemical synthesis of native and modified DNA and RNA fragments. Much work has also been done for strategies for RNA and DNA synthesis. Highlights of these activities can be summurized through the branch and lariate RNA synthesis [201,195,193,185,183,190]. Synthetic lariate RNAs showed site-specific self-clevage reactions (see, for example, Refs. 217,224,240).

The development of the synthesis of isotope labelled nucleic acids which are to be used in conformational studies using NMR spectroscopy is one of the major areas of research at the department today.

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