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Research concerning Isotope Labelled Nucleic Acids

A New Isotope Labeling Technology for Licensing !

The New Concept of "NMR-window" Created by the Deuteration Technique for the Determination of the Biological Structure of Large DNA or RNA

The RNA and DNA molecules that are amenable to conformational studies by the state-of-the-art 600/750 MHz NMR spectroscopy today are not larger than 12-14 mer in size owing to the severe overlap of resonances. Such short structures do not represent true biological models, which should enable us to understand how macromolecular structure and dynamics produce interaction and recognition that translate into biological function! We have developed a deuterium-labeling technique that should make it possible to tackle the structure of larger DNA and RNA molecules of the size of a gene (~100 nucleotides or larger) or of a functional tRNA (~75 nucleotide residues). The powerful combination of the proposed partial deuteration techniques and NMR spectroscopy provide unique opportunities and scope to both chemists and biophysicists for the structural determination of larger functional biomolecules by standard multidimensional NMR spectroscopy.
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